Dominoes as a game reflects many principles of design; grid structures, graphic marks and numeric systems. As objects they have to function, to be tactile and resilient.

Gaming time played out in the pub or at home on the coffee table means dominoes will gradually wear, displaying evidence of their use, and developing the unique character of a much loved plaything.

Here the very best in materials and artisanship have been combined to craft something which will have a long and colourful life, to be both treasured and enjoyed at the same time.

Semaphor are made from Birch Ply, reversed in laminate, and finished by hand. They are beautifully boxed and packaged with a cotton drawstring bag.

Oblique are hand cut and drilled from Douglas Fir, and faced in laminate. The turned edge case has been hand stitched from bridle finished leather with a suede pigskin lining.

Semaphor/Oblique are the product of a collaboration between Derek Welsh Studio and Graphical House.

The very best in materials and artisanship have combined to make something which will have a long and colourful life, to be both treasured and enjoyed.

Derek Welsh is a designer and artisan maker of contemporary furniture products and bespoke interior projects with the focus on innovative design and modern craftsmanship.

The studio was established in 2005 and is committed to producing practical pieces that are well designed, easy-to-use and beautifully handmade.

Since 2002, Graphical House has been making thoughtful and crafted responses to the needs of their clients.

Working across all applications – digital, analogue and environmental, Graphical House pushes beyond the boundaries of their commissions to maximise effectiveness and to add measurable value though design.


£120 + delivery

We combine orders and produce them in batches of 20. By only manufacturing what's been ordered, we can make them more efficiently.

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£960 + delivery

Oblique are handmade to order, and delivered within 28 days.

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